Female Force Latin America

Connecting female entrepreneurs with female mentors



We are Female Force Latin America.

We’re a group of women looking to voluntarily support others across Latin America by providing valuable, short-term coaching opportunities.

Our goal is to catalyze women’s participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We believe in a community-based approach and expect Female Force participants to share relevant experiences and learnings, thus supporting founders overcome the various challenges in their journey.

Our Big Dream is to equalize the amount of male and female founders.  

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1. Sign up here and tell us a bit about yourself and the professional obstacles you are working to overcome. Please be as specific as possible so we match you with the most appropriate mentors. 

2. We will connect you with a role model to schedule a 45 minute mentoring session. With her, you can share your experiences and receive valuable advice based on your current challenges. Unfortunately, not everybody will be matched for office hours, since we have limited mentors.

3. The only thing we ask from you is that someday you do the same for another woman.  


Click below to schedule with the mentor of your choice!

Ana Fontes

RME (Rede Mulher Empreendedora)

Expertise: Marketing, Talent

Annamaíra Spaggiari

Fundação Estudar

Expertise: Educational product development and scaling, facilitation, leadership

Andrea Oliveira Kestebaum

Positive Ventures

Expertise: Management, Strategy, Governance, Fundraising

Beatriz B Alves

BR Goods

Expertise: Management, Strategy, Governance, Fundraising

Bruna Constantino  

Positive Ventures 

Expertise: Marketing, Innovation

Bruna Sève Patk


Expertise: Marketing, product development, ethical fashion, business development

Camila Achutti


Expertise: Technology, Future of Work, Digital Transformation, Education

Carolina Morandini 

Wayra Brasil

Expertise: Communications, Marketing, Pitch and Business Development

Carolina Romano

Maker Brands

Expertise: Innovation, Marketing, Pitch and Business Development

Cecilia Ribeiro

3,2,1 Beauty

Expertise: Marketing, Strategy, Product, Lean Startup

Claudia Figueiredo


Expertise: Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Omnichannel

Codie Sanchez 

Cresco Capital Partners

Expertise: Fundraising, Sales, Marketing

Erica Butow

Ensina Brasil 

Expertise: Talent, recruiting

Fernanda Caloi


Expertise: Marketing, Sales,Talent, Fundaising

Fernanda de Arruda Camargo

Wright Capital Wealth Management

Expertise: Management, strategy, Wealth Management, Impact, Fundraising

Flávia Deutsch Gotfryd


Expertise: Sales, Marketing, Product, Finance 

Itali Collini

500 Startups 

Expertise: Venture Capital, Fundraising, Diversity&Inclusion, Talent, Female Entrepreneurship, Impact Investment, Impact Business

Izabel Gallera


Expertise: Fundrasing

Joana Liu

Lefosse Advogados

Expertise: Wealth Planning, Individual Taxation

Julie Ruvolo

LAVCA (The Association for Private Capital Investment in Latin America)

Expertise: Early-stage, Tech, Investment, Startup, Latin America 

Laila Martins

Saber em Rede

Expertise: Edtech, Marketing, B2B2C, Sales

Lara Lemann

MAYA Capital

Expertise: Funding, General Management, Talent, Marketing, Impact

Laura Constantini

Astella Investimetos 

Expertise: Sales Machine, Talent, Governance, Fundraising

Livia Rigueiral

Homer Parcerias Imobiliárias / Ipanema Ventures

Expertise: Product, Leadership, Marketplaces, Startup, Fundraising

Lorena Mancini

SV Law

Expertise: Leal Advice, M&A

Luciana Calleti

Love Mondays/Glassdoor 

Expertise: Marketing, Growth Hacking, Leadership, Marketplaces.

Luisa Cusnir


Expertise: Legal Advice, M&A 

Mariana Paixão


Expertise: Operations

Monica Saggioro

MAYA Capital

Expertise: Funding General Management, Operations, Talent, Marketing

Paula Crespi

Expertise: Marketing, Product, Growth, Technology, CX, UX, Talent

Sylvia Cristine Bellio

ITLine Technology

Expertise: IT, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Sales, Financial, Marketing 

Veronica Serra

Innova Capital

Expertise: General management, strategy

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